Thursday, February 11, 2016

Our Wedding Day

This was the best day of my life. It started out crazy though. I had a flat tire, we were late to everything, it was freezing, but after we got into the temple I felt calm and happy. There was this warmth that came over me and I felt home. Our sealing room was beautiful! Blue and white. We sat on the most beautiful antique couch as the sealer spoke for a little. Then as we sat across the alter all I could see was him and the beautiful double mirrors that made it look like it was just me and him for eternity. I was so happy and excited I tried so hard to keep back the tears. I almost leaped when the sealer said that we are now husband and wife. My heart just shot out and I almost kissed him before we were supposed to. I am so grateful to have Joseph as my eternal companion. Then of course came the pictures and the reception. The reception hall was amazing. I kept wanting to help set up and help throughout the reception, but of course I was pinned to the corner greeting guests. I finally calmed down and got to talk to everyone. All I wanted to do was hold onto every second. I felt like time was just passing by too quick, like sand falling through my finger tips. I wanted to hold onto every moment for one second longer and take everything in. Every dance I just held on a little longer. I loved my wedding. 

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