Sunday, October 23, 2016

Backyard Camp-Out

 This weekend Joseph and I were supposed to go camping, but Joseph ended up working late so I decided to surprise him with setting up the tent out in the back. He got home around 8pm, we had dinner, and I asked him what he was thinking about doing that night. He began to tell me about how we couldn't go camping now because it was too late. I of course pretended to be a little sad that we wouldn't be able to go camping but I told him that if he was up for it that I had a plan. I said it was a surprise though so I couldn't tell him. After dinner I took him outside where I had set up the tent. Joseph had explained to me earlier that he would rather just sleep outside without a tent so he could see the stars, but what he didn't know was that our tent had a see-through top so we could look at the stars all night anyways! I think that was what he was most surprised for. We watched our favorite show (Vampire Diaries.. for the second time around now) and then started the fire pit with our neighbors. Hot coco, marshmallows, chocolate, starbursts, the whole thing! It was a fun night.

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