Monday, October 17, 2016

Things to do When Best Friends Get Bored

1.Travel the world
2. Go to the gym
3. Cook dinner
4. Bake cookies and bring them over to people's houses 
5. Volunteer at a race
6. Go adventuring in the mountains
7. Hike
8. Photo shoot
9. Camping
10. The typical sleepover
11. Start a TV show for just the two of you 
12.Disney movie marathon
13. Start a diet together 
14. Go shopping
15. Football game/baseball games
16. Watch hair/makeup tutorials and do them on each other
17. Tan
18. Try a new restaurant 
19. Make a blog post together
20. Deep clean room blasting music 
21. pull an all-nighter 
22. get manicures 
23. dye your hair together 
24. drive somewhere far away for no reason at all 
25. go to each other's family gatherings
26. learn a language together 
27. go to a zoo
28. go to a museum and imitate the exhibits 
29. do acro-yoga
30. imitate typical pinterest bff poses
31. road trip to disneyland
32. get matching swimsuits
33. go country dancing
34. go to a beach 
35. paint a room 
36. go to a driving range
37. sneak in all our fav treats into a movie theater
38. plan a party and invite everyone we know 
39. go 4 wheeling 
40. apply for the same job
41. make sandwiches and hand them out to homeless people
42. picnic on a roof
43. wii games funny vines all night
45. do hena 
46. make matching jewelry 
47. Wake boarding 
48. cliff jumping 
49. corn maze 
50. hot air balloon ride 


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