Friday, January 12, 2018

Bump Date - 28 weeks

I am finally graduated! I also worked my first day as a dental hygienist yesterday! I'll be temping here in Utah till our little girl comes. After that we will probably stay here for a couple months till Joseph finds a job flying. We have been asked by a ton people where we think we will be moving and, to be honest, we give a different answer every time. We really have no clue! So if we give you an answer, it is probably because that was the state or country we were dreaming of that week. I would not take us too seriously haha. There is no way of knowing until he finishes his schooling, hours, and tests. I am excited for the unknown adventures ahead!

28 weeks.. 3rd Trimester!!

I don't know if I want to answer this one... but I will anyways. I have gained around 25 to 30 pounds haha it changes a little throughout the day.

Ok I don't know if it is just third trimester or if I am doing something wrong but I try to sleep on our memory foam or with my big pregancy pillow and just cannot seam to feel comfortable! Plus I wake up to pee probably 3-6 times in the night. I try so hard not to have water before bed or drink it through the night, but if I go without water I feel like I've been in the Las Vegas desert without water for 72 hours slowly dying! So needless to say I always give in. 

During my first day of work my little girl was attacking my patient! Ok maybe she wasn't attacking him, but she was definitely kicking and rolling around enough that my patient could feel her against his shoulder as I cleaned his teeth haha.

This little girl is crazy! She moves so much that she wakes up Joseph in the middle of the night if I sleep close to him, my patient could feel her, and she moves so much that my belly is rarely a circle when sitting or lying down. My entire belly is usually shifting left, right, up, and down. We are starting to be able to tell what is her foot or hand or head and so on. 

Sweets, fruit, and spicy anything

I wouldn't say anything makes me queasy but I feel like I have gotten more and more picky again. I also have pretty bad acid reflex so I can't eat fast or too much at once.

Seeing her for the first time. Lately we have been thinking about what color eyes and hair she will have. Joseph was a blonde when he was young and then it went super dark. I am thinking she will come out dirty blonde and then it will go darker but probably not as dark as his hair. He thinks maybe bright blonde or dirty blonde.

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