Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 World Traveler

So this year my best friend and I decided to travel the world together for all of 2013. We saved up all of our money and had an experience of a life time. I was able to go to Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC, Ft Lauderdale, Colorado, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada. I have one more month to travel and I am going to Disney World at the end of the month. If anyone has any ideas of where I should go this weekend or the next I would love to hear your ideas! I have learned so much about the world and different cultures. I am grateful for a wonderful friend to share these adventures with! The world is a beautiful place.. 
First flight of the year

Forever awkward
first class luxury 

Ft Lauderdale 
Washington DC

Florida, looking for aligators 

Australia.. We fed the kangaroos and then that night they made us eat one! 
Aussie beaches
Chicago bean
Cubs game
castle in England I think
loch ness monster

We stayed in a barn one of the nights! 
England LDS temple
same castle
 I think this castle was in scotland or england.. that whole trip felt like one place!
same situation haha Scotland or England 
Canada Day in the fountains 

For more europe pictures, look at my later blog post. Love you all!

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