Friday, January 17, 2014

Life as We Know it

So I haven't really talked about myself a ton on my blog yet. 
Last year I was able to fly for free which was totally awesome! 
I went to BYU-I during fall semester, but now I am living in Vegas. 
I leave for my LDS mission on February 26th,
so needless to say I have nothing to do. 
I used to have a ton of school work and when I finally got a little free time I would hop on a plane and go to another country.
It is now 2014 so my flight benefits are up. 
My boy friend is on his mission,
he is serving in the Denver South Mission. 
I can't believe he has almost been out 6 months now! January 31st will be his 6 month mark. 
I miss him so much.  I can't wait for the day when I can run back into his arms. 
If you are familiar with the LDS religion and LDS missionaries,
you will already know this, but guys(elders) serve a mission for 2 years
 and girls(sisters) serve for 18 months. 
Sometimes they will keep you a couple weeks late or ship you back a couple weeks early, it just depends on your mission. So I still do not know if Elder Joseph Dallin Rosequist(yes thats him!) will come back before or after me. We will only be a couple weeks apart at most. 
We both plan to attend BYU-I together after our missions and then we will see what happens after that. Isn't life so exciting?! You never know what is next. It is just one big adventure! 
I am so excited to serve the people of Melbourne Australia.
 I hope I come back with an awesome accent! 
I have exactly 40 days before I leave for the MTC, and besides working in the temple 4 days a week, I have nothing to do! I study my scriptures and sometimes hang out with my friends
but I want to find something exciting and spontaneous to do! 
If anyone has any awesome ideas I would love to hear them.
 Anyways, yep thats me!
love, Tynica Elyse

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