Sunday, January 26, 2014

Date Night

So these are some of the date ideas from my list that I thought I would explain a little better. I am sorry if I do not make sense but I figured it was better then no explanation before.

Box Cars:
Get 2 big boxes that cut them into the shape of cars (to the best of your abilities haha) and then paint them. You can walk through the drive through in your box cars and then watch a "drive in movie" in the living room.

 The Run Around Game:
This is a pool game that we play all the time. Hopefully I can explain the rules ok because I am terrible at explaining things. So you play with just the white ball and the black ball. The point of the game is to keep the black ball going. You use the white ball to hit the black ball. The next person then grabs the white ball and does the same thing. If the black ball stops on your turn then you get a letter. We usually play with 3 letters.. so PIG. You can only hit the ball from the two shorter ends of the table. So make sure your body is on one of those two ends when you are sliding the white ball. Also, if you get the black ball into a hole, the person after you gets a letter and their turn is skipped. Once someone receives a letter, (now this is the hard thing to explain).. then the black ball gets put on one of the short ends of the table and the person stands on the other side of the table. They get 3 terns to hit the ball. If they miss all three times then they get a letter and it is the next person's turn.

Shaving Creme Slide:
We did this for an activity with a ton of youth but it would be a fun group date thing to do. The tarp that you see in the left hand corner was our slide. I have heard that you can also do it with bubble bath soap and then put a water hose at the top of the slide and that works better. 

Paint Twister:

Blow Bubbles:
So when I wrote this I realized it sounded a little silly because children blow bubbles, but these are some pictures of when we did it. Personally I liked it, but maybe I am just weird(: 

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