Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weight of our Glory

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giday mates!
bahah jk we totally dont even say that here.. well most of us anyways. We say giday though(: So like always, I am short on time. This week we went to the caves with the whole zone! Which is the whole island of Tassie.

(Tynica didn't send any photos of the caves so I took some off goggle. I can't be sure these are the two she saw but they are Tasmanian caves. )

And then on tuesday we had interviews with our mission president. So that is why I am emailing so late! Sorry(:(: These past two pdays have been sick!

We went to two different caves, aparently there are heaps underneath all of tassie. I was able to spend the night in my old area, the huon!!, which was really awesome. I love it there<3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
We have two baptisms coming up this week! Will is on Friday and Maddi on Saturday!! Woohoo!!! I am so freaking excited for them(: It is so cool to see how the spirit works with us in so many different ways.

Will is super knowlegable and everything just makes sense to him. I swear I will say something and then the next 10 minutes he will teach us!

Then Maddi --the spirit works with her through the peace that the gospel brings her. It gives her a new start and she is just super spiritual. It is awesome!

My comp broke her wrist this week...trying to kill a spider by standing on a chair.. it was going to attack our investigator so you know, being the heroic sister that she is! She decided to save her and feel and the rest is history!

Something that I have been studying lately is trials. Why we have them. Why we get angry at God, and What can we learn from them. This past transfer has definitley been the hardest for me and my comp. In our different ways and some shared. I was reading in 2 Corrinthians 4:17 that tells us that our afflictions are only for a moment, because in the eternal sense, they are preparing us for the "weight" of our glory that we will hold for eternity. If we can endure the weight that the Lord gives us in this life it will only make us stronger.
We will have a lot of weight on our shoulders in the celesial kingdom. Doc&Cov 98:12 tells us that God gives us line upon line to the faithful. He will try and prove me and you so see if we will stay faithful to our covenants.

Satan wants us to be angry with God because then we will fail the test. Heavenly Father is seeing if we will be able to comfortably hold the weight of being in his presence again.

Trials are hard and they feel so unfair. But our Heavenly Father sees our potential, just like he saw Christ's potential, each and everyone of us have a potential that only God knows. I love you all so so very much. I keep you all in my prayers.

Love, Sister Tynica Elyse Kruyer

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