Monday, June 23, 2014


This week has been an interesting one. My companion had to have her wrist re-broken under xray so we spent an entire day at the hospital, she finally saw a doctor at the end of the day, and we spent the night in the hospital.

We have been staying at a members home the past couple days so that she can recover. Today is our last day here I believe but we might have to stay longer if she is not feeling well enough. This next coming week is not going to be filled with much missionary work sadly. But I know that helping my companion is just as important as the work!

I was able to attend Will's baptism while my comp was in the hospital. It was scary to run the show when this was my first baptism as a missionary and it was also Bishop Rogers first baptism as a bishop. But somehow everything worked out! If we didn't do something right no one was there to tell us so wahahah! Jk jk as long as he went all the way under we are good!

He got food poisoning though on Sunday so he will be confirmed next week.

Maddi was baptised on saturday! I am so proud of her. She was so scared to go under water and for her to face that fear and be baptised is so amazing.

She knew that the Lord had commanded us to be baptized in this way and so she put her trust in the Lord and knew that he would make it possible for her! and He did! I have learned so much from her it is incredible.

(inserted by me the mom/editter.  Maddi sent me a note on FB that had me crying with joy!

Hi Annalee, thought i would just message you and let you know that Sister Kruyer along with

Sister Baker (Deloraine) sang beautifully at my Baptism tonight. Sister Kruyer was so strong 

and brave

Those who know Sister Kruyer know that her singing in public again is a huge moment!  I know that she truly loves Maddi!  This moment made the whole mission worth it!)

Something that I have lately been really interested in are things that motivate others to do things. For me it is "lists" I thought back to all of the spontaneous things that I have done and it is because I put them on a list!

I want to do as much as I can with my life so I can say that I have done everything! There is a down side to this because in the past I have struggled with wanting to try things that the Lord does not want us to do. Wanting to try everything, isn't always a good thing. Often our motivations to do good are similar to the motivations that lead us to sin.. or at least want to sin. 

Another down side is that after I have done something for a little bit, I quit.  I never give myself enough time to get good at it because I am on to the next thing. But the good thing about it is that I have done heaps with my life and I love life! 

Something that stood out to me in sacrament yesterday was a talk on "to do lists" vs. "to be lists".  The man said "A to do list would be like.. to take my wife on a date. But a to be list would be like.. to be a good husband" This intrigued me because now I want to make a to be list. This list is something i cannot just check off.  But I am already inspired to do and be better just thinking about it! I am hoping this will help my weaknesses.

But what is your motivation? What are the ups and downs from it? I talked with my companion about this and it helped me to know her so much better. I will be expecting heaps of responses(;

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