Monday, June 30, 2014

Australia and swearing!

So this week has been really great! 

P.F. was baptized on Friday night. His was a private baptism. I felt so bad because we told him we would do everything we could to get the water warm. We boiled water and everything and he goes in and i swear i didn't know if he would actually be baptized because he yelled "dang nabbit!" bahaha
But he was baptised! It was like titanic cold because the water over flowed and it was all cold water at that point.. lets just say there was a little miss comunication as to who was coming back to turn the water off haha.

Sharon and Leonie were baptized Saturday morning! Amazing!

The highlight of the week was Jerome. Jerome is Hayley's partner. We have been teaching Hayley for a while and she is so ready to be baptised but they have to get married. Well, Jerome pretty much told us that he knows it is true because he has seen Hayley change so much and she is so at peace.
We thought it would take ages for him to come to church because he said he wants to wait till he is completely ready and knows it is true. He used to go to another church but felt like he was a different person throughout the week and then was a hypocrite at church.
But Sunday morning-- during our 2nd official lesson with him-- he told us that he got an answer to his prayer. He told the Lord that he has decided to come to church this week and if it is not right, to give him a bad feeling. And then everything just started to push him to come.
It was so amazing because every talk, every lesson was directed to him. I just sat there with my jaw wide open because literally they could have all been talking straight to him. It really showed me how much our Heavenly Father cares for each and every single one of his children. Someone even shared the exact same experience about feeling like a hypocrite --so this man went less active but then he testified of the atonement and how he came back and changed for the better! It was amazing!
I am so excited for their family. I always feel the spirit so strongly in there lessons it is so cool(:

On a random side-note. I am officially starting to get used to the Aussie's here.

Damn and Hell are not swear words here and everyone finds it hilarious to see the American missionaries cringe at it. EVEN the bishop! haha

Its is a little weird when we go to trainings or have stake conference and people are saying damn and hell over the pulpit. Also everyone here says "as" after every adj. and so it caught me off guard when people would say "sweet as" or "fat as". It just doesn't sound right. but it is nice to have a culture that does not use swear words like at all.

I am a little scared I am going to come home for my homecoming talk and swear and everyone think that I am a terrible person bahaha -- oh the aussies!

Love you all heaps!
Sister Tynica Elyse Kruyer

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