Monday, July 21, 2014

Moving to the mainland

Faith has a short shelf life.... Hard work is good for the soul.

I has been an amazing week! I have been transfered to Eltham on the mainland, just east of Melbourne. My companion is Sister Foster. She is from Adalaide and we get along really well.

Everyone thinks that we are twins because we are both tall and blonde(: actually, she makes me look short haha(:

Eltham is a really nice area, pretty wealthy and people here are very straight to the point.. heaps different than Tassie! haha. But I love talking to people on the train, people are more willing to talk because they can't go anywhere.. wahaha (;

We were doubled into the area so we are starting from square one. Our only investigator at the moment is someone the elders where teaching before but he doesn't speak like any English ):

I am so excited to learn from my companion this transfer. She knows a lot, this is her last transfer. I don't know why but President keeps giving me the best sisters in the mission! My trainers were both sister training leaders and Sister Foster was a sister training leader for like half of her mission!

We trained little mini missionaries this week(: They were able to be our companions for 3 days.

I was companions with Tiffany, a recent convert who was baptised last month. She is super cute, doesn't speak much English haha she is from china but we had a lot of fun together. I love singing and dancing in the car to hymns.. doesnt sound normal... because its not haha but it is fun as!

I have met a couple General Authorities in my life, and I always feel like i have nothing to say to them because they are just so spiritual and i feel like i will say the wrong thing. My goal this transfer is to truly engage into my scriptures and become the best missionary I can be.

Elder Dudfield from the 70 and area authority for southern australia is in our ward. He wants us over for tea(dinner) next month and I am excited to learn from him and to truly grow in this area. The people here are very knowledgeable.

Something that Sister Maxwell talked about the other day to the mini missionaries was that "work is good for the soul" often times I would feel like I have just worked too hard and I just wish for a day to be able to sleep all day and just not have anything to worry about and just have fun. I even would love to just sit and read my scriptures all day long, but I have learned a lot about diligence this week. In Words of Mormon 1:18 it talks about King Benjamin and how he was a wonderful example of diligence. I love it how it shows that the out come of work, is peace. We often think of peace as rest and relaxation, but really it is found when we are diligently serving the lord. President Maxwell talked about how strong faith has short shelf life. That is so true. I imagine even the Apostles feel this way. We all need to be diligent and always work to strengthen our testimonies.
Love you all heaps!
Sister Kruyer

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