Thursday, August 21, 2014

Salvation isn't cheap

Hello family(:

So this week has been amazing. We saw so many miracles... so many that I don't know where to even start.

"Salvation is not a cheap
experience"-Elder Holland.

If we want eternal happiness, we will have to go through hard times to get there. I listened to a talk by him the other day and it is so true. The Savior tells us to "come follow me". We are to follow in His footsteps. Of course we will never go through exactly what He did, because we are not the Savior, but if we are to truely follow Him, we are to expect just a shadow of what he had to go through.

To be honest, I have days and times where I do not want to talk to people, I make excuses.. many times it will be raining or getting dark or I am starting to get hungry. But as Elder Holland says it so perfectly.. .

It will always be the last house, it will always be rainy. If we want to see the blessings, we need to push through.

And every time we push through, on days when I especially do not want to talk to anyone, but I do anyways, that is when we have met people who are prepared for the gospel.

Something that I used to do before my mission, I really hated my weaknesses, I was scared of heights and didn't like certain foods. But because I didnt like my fear of heights, I forced myself on roller coasters and eventually got over my fear. And I would force myself to eat the food I didnt like, and now I eat pretty much anything! Now I am not advising anyone to do this.. but I have been able to apply this in my missionary life as well.

(this is a picture of Tynica hiking the stairway to heaven a couple years ago. )

When I feel super scared to talk to people, I make myself do it even more because I know that I will become stronger and more confident as I do so. I have already seen a huge difference.
Now some of the miracles that I have seen... I forced myself to get up at zone conference to participate in a role play and had the most spiritual experience asking an inspired question to the point where all of us were crying. I forced myself out of bed even when I had a cold this week and every lesson was amazing and no appointments fell through... I can just go on and on but I have seen so so many miracles from just pushing through. And can I just say, it is so worth it!

So I realised this morning that I havent really explained what missionaries do. Even though some of you already know, maybe this will help when others ask you. As missionaries we serve people. One way we do this is through just helping in anyway we can. But the best part, and the most important part of being a missionary is we help people to find peace in this life. We help people to gain a relationship with God who is our loving Heavenly Father. We have a unique message that God has called a prophet in these latter days. That there is a prophet living today who gets revelation for the whole world. Who testifies of Chirst and tells us how to get back to God, the same thing that the prophets in the bible taught.

We also tell people about God's plan. Where we came from. Why we are here (on earth), and where we are going after this life. We teach people commandments that God has given us, and we help them understand the importance of them.

I love being able to be with people every step of the way as they come to know God and accept him.

I hope this helps(:
Sister Tynica Elyse Kruyer

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