Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happiness in the Savior

There have been many miracles here in Australia(: So the first miracle is that I will be staying here in Eltham ward! I absolutely love it here. The members are amazing and I have just grown such a love for each and everyone of them. There is just something amazing about being a missionary and being able to get to know so many on such a personal basis and hear their stories. I love this ward so much it feels like a home away from home. And on top of all of that, they cook amazing food! haha I am kind of hungry right now so that is all that I am thinking about but while i am on the subject, Australians make the BEST food! Like no joke! I think that is one of the things i will miss heaps. And its not like it is "Australian" food, they just know foods from all over the world because Melbourne is such a diverse area. It is kind of like how america was in the 1800s. Everyone is moving to Australia because it is a place where the people can come for freedom. But because they are all just moving now, they still have their culture and they still speak the language. Anyways! so some miracles this week.. So as a missionary.. I have weaknesses, hate to say it, but it is most definitely true. And even though I love being a missionary, and at times I absolutely love talking to people. There are those days that you just do not want to go tracting or talking to people. My idea of a relaxing day is just for personal study to go all day long.. who would have thought scriptures could be a temptation eh?! Well anyways, our apt fell through and our back up was tracting. And I did everything in my power not to haha. we called up less actives to see if we could come over, we tried everything haha I dont feel like writing all the things we tried to do first.. anyways so we sat there and I knew what we had to do. So we go tracting right? Well people were not very nice that day. We had a couple of them open and then shut the door right away and then another that left the door open to just try and convince us that what we were doing was wrong. Then we get to this house and there is a mom that comes to the door with her two little boys. We begin to tell her that we share a message about families and she invited us to come back next week after her family trip. I felt the spirit super strongly as we spoke to her and I know that there was a reason Heavenly Father wanted us to go tracting that day. We kept tracting after that to show the Lord that we were still going to stay diligent even though he had already blessed us. Many not very nice people followed but we were able to laugh and have fun anyways because we felt the spirit and I was able to feel the Love that the Savior has for me. Days like those make me really appreciate the Savior and all that he has done for me. I am so blessed to know of this gospel. It truly does bring lasting peace and happiness into my life. As a side note, we ended that day with a mission president fireside which was absolutely amazing and so everything truly works out great in the end. I wish I could tell yous all of the amazing miracles but it is hard to put it into words. All I can really say is that I have never been happier in my entire life! I love this work and I love my Savior.
Love Sister Tynica Elyse Kruyer

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