Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tire, sickness but still true

hello familia!
So this week was slower than most. One of my comps got sick so we had to stay in and we had zone conference.
Oh and ran over a nail and punctured our tire, changed it to the spare, and realised that too was flat.. all on a sunday! so we had to have the elders steal another spare from some other elders and then out jack got stuck on the car so we had to break the jack to get it off!
Sister Leota is being transferred): I am going to miss her heaps. I really love her so much and she has been literally my bestest friend. Our joined trio, Sister Hemi, will be staying with me here in Eltham.
I truly do believe this church to be true and I believe it for many reasons. The gospel has helped me sooo so much in my life and I know it can help others. The gospel is the best thing i have to give to somebody. I just pray we will be able to find someone that is ready for such a gift.
Love, sister kruyer

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