Monday, March 12, 2018

Bump date - 37 weeks

37 weeks 

30-32 pounds. 35cm belly as of friday

It really just depends on the night now.. sometimes it takes me hours to get comfortable so I don't fall asleep till super late but those nights I sleep longer. If I fall asleep right away then I wake up every 2 hours. It is super weird.

This one is hard because I have literally just sat at home all week. I wasn't feeling very good so I took the week off thinking it would help but now I just feel more sick and I am starting to get contractions which are not my fav. I guess my favorite moment though would have to be painting ceramics with my husband for date night. We get to pick them up on Thursday and I am really excited to see how they turn out!

She moves a ton and hiccups all the time.. especially at night. 

Sweets, fruit, and spicy. I will get a craving for one thing and it literally will never go away. For example, I really wanted a cinnamon roll on Monday but I resisted and got till Thursday where at this point all I could think about was a cinnamon roll. So I stopped by a bakery on my way home from work. After that I didn't crave cinnamon rolls anymore haha. So once I give into the craving then I am ok, but if I don't give in then I obsess. This week I started craving a DQ ice cream birthday cake which is super unfortunate because they are way too expensive. I have resisted for like a week now but I literally have dreams about it haha. I am hoping I will just crave something else and actually get over this one!

Nothing in particular but I have started to get morning sickness again which is super annoying! It is also really hard to breath in the mornings too if I sit upright. I am thinking that throughout the day her body moves pretty low but when I sleep she stretches out again and is up into my stomach/lung area.. that is just my speculation though.

I have a feeling that she might come early but that has made me super anxious at night because I am terrified of labor. It is a weird dilemma. I want to have her out of my tummy but I am terrified of delivery. So in a way I am looking forward to not being pregnant anymore but I don't know how much I am truly looking forward to that because of the process that has to take place first. 

As of Friday I was dilated one centimeter and 80 percent effaced. I guess she is suuuper low too which is a good thing but I know none of this lets me know if she is coming early or not. It's just fun to know I guess. 

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