Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Minimalist Baby Mobile

I was asked to make a DIY of how I made my little girl's mobile. I am not the greatest at instructing on how to do things but I did my best. I hope this helps you make your mobile or at least gives you some ideas on how to make one entirely different. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them in the comments section. 

What you will need:
Wood Rings (Here) 
Wood Beads (Here)
Thread & Needle
Metal ring

Draw your design on card stock paper and cut it so you can trace them onto the fabric. Make sure to trace both sides so you have mirror images. 

I like to hand stitch mine together but using a sewing machine also works great. Sew them together leaving just a little so you can turn it inside out. Then stuff the clouds with the filling and then you can sew the remaining once it is filled. 

Cut the rope the length of both of your arms stretched (like a meter-ish or more) and repeat until you have 3 strings. Fold them in half and loop it into a knot. Then cut one more string to the length that these are and tie it to the rest of them (this one will be the rope going down the middle)

Separate the strings and tie them to the sides of the metal ring. You should adjust them once you have hung it up. 

Hang it and adjust

Add beads to every other rope (as well as the middle rope).

Add the wood rings to the same rope you put the beads on. This is how I like to tie them on. 

Add beads to the remaining string. I liked mine staggered so I put these ones a little higher.

Attach your clouds by sewing them to the remaining ropes (including to middle rope).

After adjusting everything to how you like it, cut off the excess rope. 

You can rearrange everything to your liking. This one is a little different with the gold ring. Totally up to you how you decide to arrange your mobile! 

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