Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Valerie 3.5 months

I really miss updating the blog every month so I thought I would record Valerie's progress through her life on here. I always thought I would be the be great at a journal but I have found that instagram is the closest thing I get to a journal haha. Val turns 4 months on the 27th of this month and I have time this morning to update on how she has grown. 

What has Val learned this month?
She has been rolling from her back to her front a ton the past 3 days. I was in the bath and had to get out 3 times because she rolled over to her front and could not figure out how to get back over. I have also watched her go from her front to her back a couple times but her arms keep getting in the way when she tries to do it on purpose haha. 
Val also has learned to start gripping things! 

Val's favorite Toy?
She loves her new rainbow colored ball because it is easy to hold on to and I think she loves all the colors. She also really loves her new butterfly teething toy. But when she gets tired of those, her feet are her most favorite. 

New words?
Well I feel like her first word is definitely "hi" even though she has no idea she is saying it. I think she might end up saying mama first because she is learning how to make her M sounds just recently. 

What does she love to do?
Val loves car rides ( no longer than an hour though ) and she loves them on the highway. If we are on normal streets she will start to get fussy at every stop light. She also loves playing airplane and joining momma on her squats. I think she likes the feeling of falling. Shes going to be an adrenaline junkie for sure. Val also loves to talk. She might not be saying real words but she sure does speak and with plenty of volume as well. 

Notice anything she does not like?
Yes, she hates not getting eye contact! 

What else is new?
Ok maybe I am crazy but I think she might be starting to teeth. She is drooling like crazy, won't suck a binky anymore (she just chews on it) and chews on anything she can, and her schedule is all off. It is different everyday now and she stopped sleeping through the night. 

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